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Europe '51 (1952)

Lux Films Director: Roberto Rossellini Starring: Ingrid Bergman , Alexander Knox Marking the first official collaboration Ingrid Bergman and Roberto Rossellini as star and director as a wedded couple came as a controversy, not for their scandalous relationship that proceeded it, but for the film’s subject matter. Europe ’51 takes a step back to critique social morals from both religious and political points of view in a tale of discovery in the aftermath of loss. A product of post-war Europe, where a social, emotional, psychological, and physically scarred nation was reevaluating life in a changed world, Rossellini makes this picture as a observation on what history does to individuals in the moment compared to legacy.   Europe ’51 is an Italian neorealist drama about the wealthy woman finding solace in humanitarianism in the wake of her son’s death. The wife of an American industrialist living in Rome, Irene Girard (Ingrid Bergman) is met with the tragedy of her young son’s a

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